As yet the undead have not risen from their graves and stared to devour the living – but there was a time when we said man would never walk on the moon and look what happened there, eh? 
We must prepare for the inevitable and the Dictionary of the Dead is the ultimate alphabetical reference guide on how to survive when the zombies finally arrive and attempt to eat us all.  
Written by Zombology self-help guru Dr Dale, the information in this book has been gathered using rigorous and reliable sources of zombie information such as Wikipedia and lots of films (hey! Don’t forget they haven’t risen yet – where else are we going to do the research!?) and may just save your life. 

Full money back guarantee offered should you die in a zombie apocalypse within 30 days of purchase.


'Satisfyingly film literate & frequently very funny'
SFX Magazine

'Excellent & Humorous...
Buy this book - it will save your life'
Fortean Times

'The book is very funny, and had me legitimately laughing my head off at several points - Recommended'
The Rotting Zombie

'You wont wan’t to put it down, and your friend’s will want to “borrow” it. This book is a keeper.'
Zombie Zone News

'I was completely blown the f*ck away...I can almost guarantee this will be your new favourite book'
Zombie Digest

'Dr. Dale's talent for providing a comical zest while imparting knowledge is unsurpassed.  I found myself laughing my butt off during many points in the book..  I highly recommend this book to Zombie Enthusiasts as well as Horror Enthusiasts.  If you do not include this book in your personal library, then you can not claim to be an enthusiast. It is a definite must read!'
Angelica Raene

 'This book is required reading'
Total Sci-fi Online

If you love your family and hate zombies, buy this book. Your wife will prefer it to flowers…’
Zombie Times

‘A glimpse into one of the most brilliant zombie-focused minds of our generation’

'Dr. Dale's Zombie Dictionary is a very, very fun read. I highly recommend it.'
From Midnight, With Love

'This is just a hilarious read where I found myself laughing out loud a lot....if you want a really fun, fast, and hilarious read pick up Dr. Dale’s ZOMBIE DICTIONARY.'

'Dr. dale is a funny guy and what better way to enjoy your humor than poking fun of the once living now feasting bunch of grunting rigor mortis phased ex humans. This is great stocking stuffer for horror genre lovers who are looking for a extra boost of dead man walking life-saving humor.

'This book provides a lot of laughs and makes sense along with zombie lore whilst having a lot of fun. I highly recommend it'
Optimus Prime & Prejudice

This in an excellent dictionary, extremely fun to read, and will create a riot of laughter
 A real morale booster when civilization ends
Living Dead Media

‘Overall, this was a hilarious and (I can't believe I'm saying this) practical guide that any genre fan with a modicum of good humor would enjoy. Buy a copy…. Hell, buy two – you know, just in case!’
Midnite Media

'The advice given is useful, informative (it's helped me no end in Dead Rising 2) and very funny. Despite there being a lot of jokes, Doctor Dale never sacrifices good advice for a punchline....It's well illustrated throughout...... and a lot of fun. Everything a bit of good zombie literature should be, in fact.'See 
Porkhead's Horror Review

'The Dictionary...is just great - hilarious and fun - while being a real guide to what one should do to prepare for a zombie outbreak. From cover to cover, the book is just an easy, enjoyable read and you can't ask for any more than that!'
Caffeinated Joe

'Lots of laughs, some good advice, really cool illustrations, and silly fun, Dr. Dale covers it all! A really fun overall read that I would highly recommend'
Zombie Hoard.com

'I personally had a blast reading this book and I give Dr. Dale's "Zombie Dictionary The A-Z Guide To Staying Alive" a well deserved 8 out of 10 and recommend it to any zombie fan as a must read.'
The Liberal Dead

I got my first belly laugh from reading the back cover which states: Full money back guarantee offered should you die in a zombie apocalypse within 30 days of purchase. Once I saw that, I knew I was in for a treat. It gets even funnier from there. I do recommend this book because it feeds those who just cannot get enough of zombies and also because I gotta give Dr. Dale credit for thinking of this idea before I did!
The Horror Zine


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